Month: September 2016

Radio Golf by August Wilson


L-R Scott Porter, Clarence Glover, Demia Kandi, Tony Roseboro, Vinnie Mason

PAST Productions Columbus will present Radio Golf, the final installment of the 2016 August Wilson Festival . Radio Golf was Mr. Wilson’s final work prior to his death.  

Set in 1997 in Pittsburgh, Harmond Wilks is set to declare his candidacy to become the first black mayor of Pittsburgh.  Along with his wife Mame and his  longtime friend Roosevelt Hicks, plan to redevelop the Hill District with high rise apartments, and high end businesses.  The project seems to be full go until the ownership of the property at 1839 Wylie Avenue, previously occupied by the late Aunt Ester, comes under question. Elder Joe Barlow emerges as a worthy foil for the plans Harmond and Roosevelt wish to fulfill.  Sterling Johnson, last seen in Two Trains Running turns up to defend the property.  Radio Golf is a tale of identity and reverence for the past.  Radio Golf completed Wilson’s American Century Cycle.