Theatre Roundtable Awards 2018

We are pleased to announce that PAST Productions Columbus’s TWO OLD BLACK GUYS JUST SITTING AROUND TALKING has been nominated for the annual Theatre Roundtable Awards. The nominees are EXCELLENCE IN DIRECTION FOR A PLAY-Patricia Wallace-Winbush, EXCELLENCE IN A LEAD ROLE IN A PLAY- Tony Roseboro, EXCELLENCE IN A LEAD ROLE IN A PLAY- Truman Winbush, Jr., and OUTSTANDING PRODUCTION OF A PLAY.

These awards recognize excellence in the theatrical arts for Theatre Roundtable member theatre companies for their productions in 2017. The winners of these awards will be announced at our annual Awards Ceremony at the JCC on January 28.



One thought on “Theatre Roundtable Awards 2018

  1. How does a play get recognized? I went to two plays for the summer theater series. And I feel some type of way that neither of these two plays are mentioned. Seems as if all the acalades went to one play, please correct me if I am wrong. Just very curious.

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